Different is Pawsome

From Zorro: 

I am one of the lucky ones! My dad saved me on the last day that I was suppose to be alive. I was a very scared tiny kitten, injured with my left hind leg amputated, very sick, nobody wanted me, caged at a shelter near Palm Springs, and set to be euthanized because the shelter was overcrowded. Until my dad saw my picture and the rest is history. 

Everyday, thousands of kitties just like me are killed in shelters because there just aren't enough resources (space, money, foster parents, and adopters) to save them all. I am such a lucky kitty! I feel like it is my duty to give back and save other kitties. 

"Kitten Season" is coming and I setting a very simple goal. To save AT LEAST one kitty, and if MANY more are saved or helped along the way, fantastic!

Dad and I decided to team up with Italian artist MATTIA CARACCIOLO on these rad illustrations of me so we can raise funds and awareness for foster kitten care, kitten supplies, and upcoming kitty rescues. With a focus on special needs kittens that are usually the first to euthanize in shelters. 

I want to spread positive message around the world that being different is pawsome! I have 3 legs, 2 dads, and I couldn't be happier about it. My life is full of love and joy and that is what I want to give to other kitties in need.

I want to spread tolerance in the world and fight hate. Did I mention I'm only 6 months? Go ahead, call me ambitious. 

Thanks for reading and stay in touch for updates! 


Love You,


Let's save kitties together!